If You Own A Dog, Here Are 30+ Things You Should Never Do To Them

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Man’s best friend… good boys… good girls… dogs touch that part of us that makes us bleed love. They make perfect housemates, amazing travel buddies and unbelievably good wingmen. An interesting study by students of the Northern University in Boston found that human beings tend to show more empathy to dogs than to other humans! (It rests to question whether or not this is a good thing) Other studies suggest that dogs too are sensitive to our emotions. It is undoubtable, then, that the connection between human beings and dogs is, among many other things, special.

If you have a dog, you are truly to be envied and if you are planning on getting one, we wish you a lifelong friend. Apart from barking, howling, whimpering or running in circles, dogs do relatively little in the way of directly communicating with human beings. While this does not blind us from noticing when our canine friends are excited or happy, it can present a menacing challenge when it comes to observing their discomfort. This is partly because most of the irregular behaviour observed from dogs is attributed to hostility and aggression rather than pain or discomfort. Resultantly, many dog owners notice several cancers, diarrhoea and infections many stages into their onset while remaining blind to the many habits of theirs that may have endangered their dogs to begin with. Sadly, some owners have lost their canine friends for lack of knowing what may be bad for them. Pestilence like the parvovirus and many nefarious dog diseases all come with exposing your dog to some of the things listed in this article.

It’s no easy work to look after a dog, yet many dog owners lovingly endeavour to give only the very best of food, shelter and love to their dear friends. It is unfortunate, but even some of the most mundane activities we enjoy with our dogs could, when not properly carried out, put our dogs in harm’s way. What are some of these activities? What dangers do they present to our dog? What alternatives are there to seemingly harmless activities that could make your dog sick or worse? This article will consider, at length, over 30 things you never want to do to your dog. It will help you to couple your love for dogs with the skill to take care of them well. So if you own a dog, here are 30+ things you never want top do to them:

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